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15+ Lesser Known Freelancing Sites with Low Competition


If you ask any well-established freelancer if he could suggest a good freelancing platform for you to get started, he’ll probably tell you not to rely on a freelancing site to find work because those sites pressure you to compete and lower your rates.

That’s true and it’s good advice. But, the truth is, we all have to start someplace and the chances are even those so called expert freelancers have used a freelancing site at some point in their career to score a project or two.

The first freelancing site I used was Elance (now known as UpWork). I didn’t get many jobs on this platform, but I used it to connect with clients and build long-term partnerships. At the time, there wasn’t too much competition on Elance so landing a job was easier than it is today.

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Must Reads

5 Ways You Can Be an Exceptional Freelancer

In America alone, over 53 million people have switched their careers to freelancing. That’s 34 percent of the entire workforce. And each day, these numbers are only going higher.

As a newcomer, you’ll have to work very hard to stand out of this massive crowd in order to progress through your freelancing career. I’ve experienced this struggle first hand when I started out freelancing a few years ago.

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